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This blog started out under the name of Vienna Guide but somehow I got distracted and other countries have occupied my recent post. It is probably hard to appreciate what you have at home… Anyways, here is also a slight taste of Vienna at its best.

Here are some images from the Christmas Market at the Rathaus and Schönbrunn Palace this year.
If you’ve never been, then maybe this will make you want to have a look in the real-size Disneyland that Vienna transforms into over the winter.

christmas decorations viennachristmas tree schonbrunnglobuletegingerbread globuri 2
christmasmarket rathaus


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Around the 1st of May I had a good friend and her boyfriend staying over for one week. She has decided a few years ago to go into fashion and learn how to sew and design her own and other people’s clothes. As you can imagine, because of this she developed a real passion for fashion and everything that has to do with it.

I have to admit, for me Vienna is not one of the most fashionable cities in the world so I kind of let myself go since I am here and not really followed any fashion or trends. Nevertheless with my friend here, having  a real interest for fashion and clothing we went to visit an exhibition/ fair called “Modepalast” (fashion palace). I have to say I really enjoyed it and even changed my perspective of what one should/ can were in a rather ‘fashion conservative’ city like Vienna. I ended up buying a dress and  by chance going to a similar fair the next weekend: Designmarkt Edelstoff.

I have to say, that what I like about the fashion event in Vienna is the fact that they all still have the crafty, hand-made feeling to it. One can still fell the freshness and improvisation and this is what makes it special.

Now I am actually kind of excited about the Vienna Fashion Night on the 14th of June and about the Vienna Fashion Week in September.

A big thanks to my friend because she turned my mind  fashion again and also because it made me discover that Vienna can be actually pretty fashionable. (and as the pictures are not taken by me this time, a big thanks to the photographer for the great pictures).

My friend trying on a Japanese hat


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Ok, let us go back to Vienna, after all this blog;has this name in its title…

I was thinking to (re)start with what I always like to know about a city, and this is where can you get good food! If you are expecting the ‘Viennese Schitzel, potato salad and Wiener Sausage’ type of restaurants recommendation, I am sorry to disappoint but this is not where I eat (at least not anymore after the many kilo that I put on while doing so right in the beginning when I got here) and this is also not where the sporty & fit Viennese people eat (at least not all the time, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to call them sporty and fit in this article).

So what do Viennese eat? Mostly everything that has “bio” in its title but besides this they eat a lot of international, especially middle eastern, oriental food. This is why I am at this point also pretty hooked on humus and having it as often as I can together with the good veggies that usually come with it.

My favorite restaurant, that happens to be 3 to 5 minutes from my home is therefore a restaurant that doesn’t serves Austrian dishes but Georgian ones. And it  seems that this restaurant doesn’t only appeal  to me as a daughter of the Black See but also gathers a lot of personalities from the intellectual scene here in Vienna. Therefore, it often happens that well-known writers spend long hours (Viennese style) at a table there and so do I for a few years now.

What I absolutely love and almost always  take  while there is the “Georgische Antipasti” which is a plate including four specialities: two types of eggplant roles, one stuffed with feta cheese and the other one with a sort of nuts mousse, one beetroot salad and one beans salad all sprinkled with lots of parsley and with some corn salad on the side, or more exactly in the middle of the plate.

The coffee is also one of the reasons for which I get to call this place my favorite. If you like milk-coffee (again Viennese style) this is a place where you get a Caffe Latte with 3 to 4 fingers worth of milk foam.

Ok, enough talking about food, as I for one am starting to get hungry. These are some photos that I took one saturday morning while having breakfast there so that you can see that I was right about the coffee

Madiani at Karmelitermarkt Vienna

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I do not know what it really is, maybe is my latin blood (who knows if i actually do have any in my family tree) but Italy has become an evident obsession of mine. I have counted and since i moved to Vienna I have been to Italy 8 times already. And no, I do not have any business there and no relatives; actually, while there, or whenever talking to an Italian, i am even self-conscious about my nationality and the fact that Romanians do not have the best of images in my ‘crush’ country. Nevertheless I somehow end up planing most of my vacations in “La Bella Italia”. Easter, my birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday, my mother’s birthday, my honeymoon; these events all seemed logic for me that I share with Italy. I feel there maybe like one feels when he is visiting a rich cousin that has a wonderful stylish home. You feel like you are still with family just that it looks so much better than your own home. Well this rich cousin is for me Italy. I feel that i understand Italy  (a lot better and faster than I understood Austria) -in the end our languages are so similar, we have the same loud mouth, the same bad temper, bad driving skills but also friendliness, joy of life and love of beauty. Just that this cousin that has the same roots as me, has had the luck to have extreme wealth…and culture…and style…This is where I start finding it a little bit unfair but as I am not an envious person i decide to still go and visit him thinking that this style belongs a little bit to me as well and also that maybe, just maybe all this beauty is contagious…
Rom Italy
Roma Italia
Rome Italy

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Titlul acestui post nu este metaforic. Am facut asta deunazi intr-un satuc de langa Viena.

Dar haideti sa va spun cum se culeg murele in  Austria. Ei bine, ele se culeg- surpriza!- in mod organizat 🙂 Exista ferme de mure care dupa ce au cules cantitatiile necesare pentru comercializare aleg sa puna la dispozitia doritorilor de mure, fragi, capsune si alte derivate, culesul acestora de pe proprietatea lor, contra unei sume  de 4-5 Euro pe kg(pentru murele luate acasa). Si cum doritorii de cules sunt multi; afacerea merge foarte bine.

Dar de ce sa fim carcotasi. Este chiar amuzant si in plus murele pe care le mananci acolo nu te costa nimic.

Dovezile mai jos: (more…)

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Institam intr-un post anterior asupra necesitatii de a veni si vizita Viena vara si nu iarna. Ca sa va conving, m-am decis sa imi documentez sfarsiturile de spatamana petrecute in Viena, in luna August. Poate va vin idei…

Padurea Vieneza:

Contrar numelui si asteptarilor, padurea Vieneza nu este o intindere plata cu multi copaci  situata undeva in Viena ci este o zona deluroasa, situata imprejurul Vienei care nu este nimic altceva  decat inceputul Alpilor Nord-Orientali. Iar posibilitatile de a iti petrece timpul liber acolo nu sunt limitate doar la drumetii: poti vizita parcuri, precum parcul zoologic: Lainzertiergarten, poti degusta vinurile autohtone in unul din hanurile tipic vieneze, numite de ei” Heuriger” (voi reveni asupra acestui subiect intr-un post viitor), sau poti chiar sa mergi sa te bronzezi la unul dintre cele mai chic stranduri din Viena, Krapfenwaldbad. Asta am facut si eu in primul week-end din August. (more…)

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La Naschmarkt trebuie sa ajungi…mai ales in anotimpul cald. Este probabil singurul loc unde uiti cu desavarsire ca te afli in Viena si te simti mai degraba ca in Istanbul sau Barcelona.

Ce e Naschmarkt? Ei bine este doar o piata. In traducere mai mult sau mai putin mot a mot “piata de rontait mici lucruri dulci” (“naschen” inseamna a lua o  gustare dulce).  De fapt aici gasesti o piata obisnuita in esenta, cu legume,  fructe si flori, dar si multe alte delicii orientale  precum rahat, baclava si tot felul de mirodenii si alune. La Naschmarkt mai gasesti de asemenea o sumedenie de localuri hip unde lumea buna a Vienei se aduna sambata dimineata pentru un mic dejun prelungit. Pentru colectionarii, iubitorii de antichitati sau pur si simplu pentru cei care sunt curiosi sau cauta sa cumpere ceva la pret mai ieftin, tot in fiecare sambata, la Naschmarkt, are loc un Flohmarkt (in traducere exacta “targ de purici”- in traducere mai putin exacta dar corecta “targ de vechituri”) unde gasesti tot ce iti poti si nu iti poti imagina. Acest talcioc are savoarea lui aparte si este un “must see” daca vrei sa stii cam ce au vienezii pe acasa.

Precum se spune, o poza face mai mult decat 1000 de cuvinte asa ca voi lasa pozele sa va povesteasca de ce este atat de speciala aceasta piata.

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