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Vienna is nice but one of the nicest things is to get away from home and see other new places, and now that Vienna has become home for me I tend to get enthusiastic about seeing everything that is around it.
In the past 2 months i have visited 2 very contradictory cities: Amsterdam and Rome. They are as different as two highschool sweethearts that are using a total different type of seduction but are both as attractive and make it hard to compare an choose one of them. Rome is like the pretty popular girl who is looking very stylish but is playing hard to get and has actually less to offer beside her ravishing beauty. Amsterdam instead, is like the sporty natural girl who seems less attractive at a first glance but who disarms you with her unsophistication and genuine style. Yes indeed you read me right, Amsterdam is first of all simple! Uncomplicated, friendly and accessible. The drug and prostitution clichés are of course also true but what i thought i understood now while seeing Amsterdam for the first time is that the regulations there are not the result of a lusty, party society but pure & simple accessibility. Every repression only makes the vice more attractive and alluring. If one has a wish, need or pleasure, Amsterdam is the city that doesn’t want to censure it, is the city that wants to make life easy and fresh and so much more uncomplicated then we people who live down south think it can be. Enjoy the freedom!


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