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We’re alive!

Small but still not so much, wild but not to wild to be European, in awe to principles but not really sticking to them, very important internationally today but forgotten tomorrow. This is my country,  a Latin language speaking country in a sway of Slavic surroundings.

Here people wish, probably more than anywhere else in Europe to belong… to belong to Europe… to belong to America or any other ‘civilized’ society that may or not have an interest in them.  They are more light-headed and happy-go-lucky than their Slav neighbors but they lack no intensity in comparison to them.

When you leave this country and come back, or even when you are visiting for the first time you will be struck in positive and negative by the intensity. People are really as friendly as they say, and the friendliness is most of the time different to the Western politeness, it is real enthusiasm and interest for the new and foreign.

In this country  traditions and origins are highly thought of but, also here, old people are left to desertion and hunger.  Here new trends are easily picked up on and adopted leading to an amalgam of dusty old and shiny new.

One can be easily annoyed by the recklessness of the society and especially the natives seam to be the  toughest critics when it comes to what is not going right (me making no exception) nevertheless individual responsibility is hardly seen as cause or  even factor of change. Politicly incorrect sentences can fly in and out unbothered into a conversation and ancient superstitions like the ‘evil eye’ are common truths that should never be questioned. People love to dance, dress up, spend impressive hours on the phone and, more than they earn or can afford, on any type of fast moving consumer goods. Beauty and luxury are at the top of the pyramid and everyone is working their way towards that. Social injustice is infuriating and discrimination is not a tabu but, at the same time, compassion is compensating this faults and balancing the society making it bearable.

There is for sure a paradox floating over this little scad of people. They have no patience but they endure to much. When you walk on the streets you see sad serious faces, but at the same time they  love to entertain and be entertained more than anything and can be as cheerful and talkative as any other latin folks.

And still with all these flaws there is one thing that you can not accuse Romania of, being dull. This country does, more than many other western enchanting, functional societies, give you very strong feelings. It makes you feel every bone in your body, makes you feel happy and furious as the same time and is a valuable lesson for all of those who have forgotten what being alive means.


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